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The Louisville International Airport looked to refresh their brand as a gateway to the world that reflects the heart and soul of Louisville for generations to come. Stakeholders along with the board authority explored options for a dynamic brand that created a sense of motion while capturing the ever-expanding economy, new conventions, community partnerships, and the growing cultural tourism our Louisville.

From the moment you step into the new arrival concourse the journey begins. The architecture unfolds along the main circulation path - revealing different story vignettes to enhance and compliment your travel experience in and out of Louisville. Each celebrates an accurate representation of place by distilling great experiences throughout the concourse- mastery, craft, and cuisine.

Terrazzo motifs, layered graphic wall patterns, with dimensional thresholds define the experience through portals. Natural daylight along with movement embrace the unique elements of aviation - flowing your experience along within the brand character.

A portal to the past, present and the future of Louisville - instilling respect and understanding for first-time visitors and residents alike.

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A Renewed Riverfront by Ryan Newman

John G. and Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park


The John G. & Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park is located next to The Banks development in Cincinnati. This vibrant project is transforming downtown Cincinnati by creating a major civic space at the front door of the city. It is a park for the generations—a compelling recreational, entertainment, and leisure resource for the entire Greater Cincinnati community. As an initiative led by the Cincinnati Park Board, the park features fountains, walkways, gardens, event lawns, playgrounds, and restaurants.


The design of the park was developed in phases, which began with identifying a park-wide strategy of graphic opportunities. These opportunities included park identification, directional signage, an informational site map, regulatory signage, donor recognition, and a visitor center. A marketing communications fundraising program was also developed to target potential supporters and other stakeholders within the local community. The program consisted of an inspirational folder, booklet, overview brochure, and animation, all designed to convey the vision for the park, highlight each of its key features, and build excitement throughout the community.

 From Cincinnati Parks -  PDF

From Cincinnati Parks - PDF



Sasaki - Prime Consultant, Landscape Architect.

KZF Design - Local Architect, Civil Engineer, MEP/Structural Engineer. Aquatic Design & Engineering - Fountain Mechanical. THP Limited - Waterproofing. RSE Associates - Structural Engineer. Rico Associates - Specification. Pine & Swallow Environmental - Urban Soils.
Kolar Design - Graphics

Cincinnati Parks

2016 - Cincinnati Design Awards - Project

Check out for more information
on Cincinnati's Smale Riverfront Park

COO Announcement - Tom Wilmanns by Ryan Newman


"I see my job as creating the focus, the path and the space for our teams and team members to succeed"

TOM WILMANNS | Chief Operating Officer

With over 25 years of building branded experiences at the intersection of people and place on a local and global scale - Kolar Design continues its evolution as a brand innovation company by naming a new chief operating officer, Tom Wilmanns. 

Wilmanns was most recently a consultant with Amend inc. in Cincinnati and reports directly to president and founder, Kelly Kolar.

"I joined Kolar Design because of their innovative approach to creating positive change in the experience of space. Using design to engage and empower organizations to manifest their goals in their culture” said Wilmanns, about his decision to join.

 Tom alongside Kolar's Matt Grote and Nicole Roberts at a recent visioning session. 

Tom alongside Kolar's Matt Grote and Nicole Roberts at a recent visioning session. 

Wilmanns is a native of Thousand Oaks,  California and began his career with Procter and Gamble after receiving a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Stanford University and a masters degree from the University of Texas, Austin.

After Procter and Gamble, Wilmanns held positions in operations management, business development, and strategic planning at Chiron Inc.’s Biopharmaceuticals division, Trillium Healthcare’s St. Bernard facility, EY and Amend.

Wilmanns will lead Kolar Design’s corporate operations from its headquarters in downtown Cincinnati, overseeing daily operations and integrating a diverse range of projects and partner relationships worldwide.

 Tom Wilmanns & Managing Director Mary Dietrich

Tom Wilmanns & Managing Director Mary Dietrich

"I see my job as creating the focus, the path and the space for our teams and team members to succeed.  I believe that our team can individually and collectively accomplish results in pushing brand innovation and design and extend our lead as the thought leader in the field”.

- Tom Wilmanns


Mural-ling in Buffalo by Ryan Newman

 Sketch for weego, 2018, by Matt Grote and Chuck Tingley

Sketch for weego, 2018, by Matt Grote and Chuck Tingley

Kolar Design's Matt Grote along with Chuck Tingley have completed yet ANOTHER fantastic mural in Buffalo, New York - take a look at two of the many articles written about this exciting project below.

The Buffalo News

Trio of Murals to Kick Off Buffalo's Summer of Public Art

"It's not just magnolias and cherry trees that are finally blossoming in this delayed-onset Buffalo spring.

Public art is blooming, too, and the first bright buds of a summerlong profusion of art are set to emerge this month with the commencement of three high-profile mural projects on Hertel Avenue and the East Side.

As part of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's busiest season of public art yet, a team of artists from the local design firm White Bicycle will begin transforming a building at 1260 Hertel Ave. into a community-centric mural. At the same time, longtime friends and artistic collaborators Chuck Tingley and Matthew Grote will fuse their styles on a large wall at 1503 Hertel.

The Polish artist Otecki, known for his graphic pieces melding abstract shapes and traditional figures, will soon arrive in Buffalo to begin a large-scale mural on a building at 617 Fillmore Ave., near Torn Space Theater.

These three murals are teasers to a broader effort by the Albright-Knox public art team and its lead leader, curator Aaron Ott, to pepper Erie County with so many works of painting, sculpture and installation that art becomes an expected part of everyday life."

"As for the new piece by Tingley and Grote, whose collaboration can be traced back to an important 2010 mural on the side of 515 Main St., the collaboration is more about fusing two completely different artistic approaches to create a unified style.

"What we really tried to do is blend our styles seamlessly together in a way that we've never done before," said Grote, a former Buffalo resident now based in Cincinnati. "We worked back and forth sending sketches and drawing over each other's work, trying to create something that has an identity of its own that's hopefully greater than just his work or just my work."

The scheme they came up with, Grote said, involves a surreal balloon festival and a Rubik's Cube with three visible sides, replete with symbols and tied up with notions of cultural identity.

"What our mural really speaks to is about how our identities also come from culture," Grote said.

Originally Published on The Buffalo News

Buffalo Rising

AK, Grote and Tingley Tackle Hertel Mural

"Two of my favorite Buffalo artists have been given some prime time wall space on Hertel Avenue. Once again, Hertel is being given a colorful injection of live, thanks to this new mural project by the Albright-Knox, featuring artists Chuck Tingley and Matt Grote (Ogre). The mural, titled “weego”, is being painted at 1503 Hertel Avenue, on the side of Purrfect Café and Gallery.

While Grote does no currently live in Buffalo (he’s in Cincinnati), the two previously formed a dynamic tag-team painting bond, creating a number of epic murals throughout the city. To this day, they still collaborate on pieces, which are masterful in the way that they come together. Rarely do two artists have such distinct styles, yet meld so seamlessly. They barely need to talk to each other to figure out what’s going on in each other’s heads. The result is always phenomenal.

This particular work is perfect for Hertel, in that it is not only vibrant and whimsical, it’s also very playful, with lots of youthful imagery. Residents living in this family-oriented neighborhood will certainly gravitate towards the imaginative characters that come to life in this marvelous creation.

This project is supported in part by Buffalo City Council Member Joel Feroleto. Additional support for this mural has been provided by Hyatt’s Graphic Supply Company."

Originally Published on the Buffalo Rising Blog.

Employee Spotlight - Blake Kishler by Ryan Newman


“Design is most valuable when it strives to be integrative and inclusive.”

The Ohio State University - Industrial Design

Following up last week’s announcement of Hannah’s appointment to the Board of SEGD - Kolar Design is proud to announce the appointment of Blake Kishler as Co-Chair of SEGD’s Cincinnati Chapter along with Grania Frueh of BHDP. We are thrilled that our next generation leadership is continuing building the legacy of experiential graphic design in the region and the nation.

Blake is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. Additionally, he is a former Industrial Designers Society of America chapter officer.

 Blake Kishler representing Kolar Design at the Digital Signage Expo - 2015

Blake Kishler representing Kolar Design at the Digital Signage Expo - 2015

“SEGD is proof that fun work is done by fun people. I've been continually inspired by the welcoming and vibrant atmosphere of this chapter and its membership. So excited to be a co-chair and continue the awesome trajectory that Margaret Lange and Hannah Anderson have set us on."
- Blake Kishler



Congratulations to Blake and all of the recent SEGD appointments both locally and nationally.


SEGD Blog - New Year New Faces

Blake Kishler is a designer at Kolar Design. His combined 2D and 3D application experience allows him to quickly communicate designs in a variety of media. From murals to LED lettering to master sign plans, Blake enjoys helping clients develop a holistic approach to their environments, drawing meaningful connections between physical and digital. Past project experience spans healthcare, civic, and mixed use development work in placemaking and wayfinding. He came to Kolar after several years in trade show exhibit design, where he learned to weave concise, impactful messaging into walkable brand translations.

Relevant Projects:


Cincinnati Children’s, Brand Rollout
Cincinnati, OH
Wayfinding, Brand Experience

Cincinnati Children’s, Proton Therapy Center
Cincinnati, OH
Brand Experience

Crawford Hoying, Bridge Park
Dublin, OH
Wayfinding, Guidelines + Toolkits

City of Dublin
Dublin, OH

Village of Evendale
Evendale, OH
Wayfinding, Architecture

Steiner + Associates, Easton Town Center
Columbus, OH
Wayfinding, Brand Experience

Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business
Pittsburgh, PA

The Christ Hospital, Liberty Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH
Wayfinding–Exterior Signage

Employee Spotlight - Hannah Anderson by Ryan Newman


"Our best design

comes from a place of empathy, strategy, expertise, and life-long learning."

HANNAH ANDERSON | Construction Administration Lead
University of Cincinnati - DAAP

Kolar Design is proud to announce the appointment of Hannah Anderson to the Board of the Society of Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD).  We are thrilled that our next generation leadership is continuing building the legacy of experiential graphic design in the region and the nation.

Hannah is also currently a Co-Chair for the Cincinnati Chapter of SEGD. 

“SEGD has been such a positive influence on my career in EGD. As the programming and educational opportunities have grown over the years, so have I benefited from them. This is a group of professionals who are excited about what they do, and the more I give, the more I get out of it. As a local chapter co-chair for the last four years, I have strived to pay forward the benefits of this organization to my colleagues and peers in the community. I am very honored and fortunate to now serve on the Board of an organization that inspires and gives so much back to the design field that I love.”
- Hannah Anderson

Congratulations to Hannah and another incoming new board member, Lucy Holmes, as well as the new president, Bryan Meszaros, for their appointments!



About SEGD - The Society for Experiential Graphic Design, a nonprofit professional association founded in 1973, is a global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to place. They are graphic and information designers, fabricators, architects, exhibition designers, technology integrators, interaction designers, brand strategists, students, wayfinding specialists, teachers, and others who have a hand in shaping content-rich, experiential spaces. A community of over 2,100 members in 30 countries who gather in 32 local chapters around the world, Experiential Graphic Design involves the orchestration of typography, color, imagery, form, technology and, especially, content to create environments that communicate.

Hannah Anderson is a construction administration lead with Kolar Design. Her primary focus is to oversee detailing and production of artwork, and the coordination of fabrication and installation activities. Her balance of detail-oriented and creative thought processes allows her to provide coaching and identify opportunities within each project team to achieve desired outcomes for quality, performance, and effectiveness throughout design development. Hannah’s areas of expertise include experiential graphics, signage and wayfinding systems, construction administration, brand integration, and detailing. Over the past nine years, she has worked in a wide array of design market sectors from K-12 and higher educational spaces, corporate environments, and civic buildings and parks projects, to transportation hubs and sport and athletic training facilities on both the local and national level.

Hannah is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). In the fall of 2015, she presented an introductory look into the Experiential Graphic Design industry during AIGA Cincinnati’s Design Week, and in 2017, she spoke about personal and professional development at the SEGD annual conference in Miami. Since 2014, Hannah has served as SEGD Cincinnati Chapter Co-Chair.

Relevant Projects:

Graydon, Corporate Headquarters
Cincinnati, OH
Brand Experience

Cincinnati, OH
Brand Experience

Carnegie Mellon University, David A. Tepper School of Business
Pittsburgh, PA

Steiner & Associates, Easton Town Center
Columbus, OH
Wayfinding & Brand Experience

City of Evendale, 75 Corridor Bridge
Evendale, OH
Guidelines & Toolkits

Cincinnati Children’s, Brand Rollout
Cincinnati, OH
Guidelines & Toolkits, Wayfinding & Brand Experience

Washington University, Jubel Hall
St. Louis, MO
Wayfinding & Brand Experience


 Light filled atrium space inside the new VA Hospital at Lake Nona.

Light filled atrium space inside the new VA Hospital at Lake Nona.

"Devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impacts the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities, both now and into the future, this healthcare design show highlights best practices and top healthcare design products. Attendees have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits, network with peers, discuss best practices, view innovative design products, and influence the direction of the industry as it advances into the future." -


  1. Connect with industry leaders in healthcare design
  2. Learn new research and case studies at 130+ educational sessions
  3. Explore our expanded exhibit hall
  4. Tour Orlando’s top healthcare facilities

Kolar Design recently participated in the always inspirational and educational 2017 Healthcare Design Conference. Three days to interact and discuss with designers from Architects to Interior Designers alongside Administrators, Researchers, and Nurses - all helping to craft the future of healthcare design. Discussing everything from reimagining the patient experience to global trends that are having a lasting impact in the industry. 

Healthcare has been one of the vital market in Kolar's history - not just in regards to the number of projects but the rich opportunity to connect people with place. 

Attendees were able to interact with our team and it's award-winning work in the healthcare market at our booth entitled - "Partnering For Your Brand Success."

"Susan Ryckman from Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida's presentation left a lasting mark. Susan and her team introduced a new perspective on their facility through the hiring of an outside consultant focused on "theming". It took a tremendous pediatric healthcare experience into a remarkable one."
Jay Rottinghaus - Kolar Design - Business Development